Ask Thrive: Overcoming Facebook Changes in 2015

Have you noticed it becoming more challenging to engage your Facebook followers on your business page? Have they stopped commenting, liking and sharing your posts? Don’t worry! You haven’t done anything wrong, and your followers haven’t gone anywhere! They just may not be seeing your posts on their newsfeed anymore. Let’s talk about why.


Why aren’t my business page posts reaching all of my followers?

Facebook announced on November 14, 2014 it would begin making it more difficult for brands to reach their fans through organic (unpaid) efforts, encouraging the investment of ads to reach the largest audience possible.


 What prompted the change to Facebook’s business page algorithms?

This decision came after surveys showed Facebook users were frustrated with the amount of promotional content appearing on their newsfeeds. In response, Facebook’s new algorithms will begin blocking posts that they consider being “overly promotional” in January 2015.


 What does Facebook consider “overly promotional” content?

  •  Posts encouraging users to purchase a product or app
  • Posts encouraging users to enter promotions (contests/giveaways) with no context
  • Posts disguised as ads (graphics promoting specific products/services)


Will paid promotional ads be subject to the new Facebook algorithms?

Facebook’s new algorithms will not limit the visibility of paid ads. However, Facebook has announced they will not be increasing the promotional ad space made available. As a result, small business owners should expect to see the cost of promotional ads rise throughout 2015.


 How can I avoid paying for Facebook promotional ads?

It’s time to get creative with your Facebook page! Focusing on brand awareness vs. direct sales is the key to success on Facebook in 2015! Developing engaging content that appeals to your follower’s lifestyles and interests will allow you to avoid the roadblocks being created by Facebook’s new algorithms, and establish a more loyal following on your page.


 How do I develop more meaningful Facebook content?

In 2015, adopt a 90/10 social media strategy. Make only 10% of your posts sales related and focus more attention on lifestyle, interest and entertainment for the other 90%. Be sure to include strong keywords related to your industry.


What are some examples of meaningful content?

  •  Fashion Industry: Avoid pushing your new shoe line on followers and instead, share an article of the top 10 fashion trends of 2015.
  • Real Estate Industry: Avoid pushing new homes on followers and instead, share a slideshow of unique organizational tips for kitchens for new homeowners.
  • Car Sales Industry: Avoid pushing car sales on followers and instead, share a list the latest car seat recalls for mothers.
  • Fitness Industry: Avoid pushing memberships on followers and instead, share a new protein shake recipe every week.


 Though it may seem like this type of content is a waste of time and is not marketing your business, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Bringing viewers back to your page time and time again with fun and entertaining content allows you to build a loyal following who will promote your business for you. Isn’t that worth so much more than a few promotional posts that are only viewed by 6 people?


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