Defining Content Marketing

Is your marketing working? If so, quit reading this blog and get back to work. If not, ask yourself why your might marketing not be working for you?



It’s exactly what it sounds like. Marketing through content. Content marketing is about developing blog posts, videos, slideshows, photos, info-graphics, and other media pieces that capture your audience’s attention.

While traditional advertising methods are designed to entice viewers using positive benefits and lifestyle fulfillment attained through a solution, content marketing enters into a discussion regarding the needs and aspirations of the customer through value-driven media.

Content marketing works because it allows your business and your customers to develop a more engaging relationship.


Here are a few tips of how to improve your Content Marketing:

• Get more personal. Customers buy from whom they know, like and trust. One of the most visited pages on any website is your “about” page.Get more personal. Start that process of getting people to know you.

• Simplify your website. People get frustrated and leave when there are too many options, or simply just too much on your website. Simplify your website so that it creates a better user experience for potential new customers.

• Don’t sell too hard. Let the new customer know what your business offers, show them the results they will get and offer testimonials from people satisfied with what they bought from you.

• Have enough testimonials. People want unbiased opinions whether what you are selling is worth buying, so testimonials and reviews are the first things they look at on your site.

• Have a marketing plan. A business lives or dies by its marketing efforts. You need a plan in place to consistently market your business to potential new customers & you cannot be afraid to try new methods of marketing either.


There are many services that you can use today to simplify a lot of your marketing efforts. Use automation to set up marketing campaigns for your business on social media and other online methods. Online marketing runs 24/7, which means you can make money while you sleep.


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