Plan, Plan, Plan & Keep the Buzz Alive for your Small Business Saturday Event!

Small Business Saturday is a little less than a month away! Remember that this year it will take place on November 30th this year. Thrive Creative Group is helping you get organized to plan the most memorable Small Business Saturday Event with a series of posts. So far we have discussed the need to get organized about one month out (October 30th) and gathering an email distribution list of customers to invite. We also went over what kinds of lists to create to stay on top of planning! Last week we also discussed coming up with a fun design for your event that you can and should incorporate on all your online websites and social accounts!

The time has now come to actually start checking things off on your to-do lists and making sure you plan all the details to the event:

2 Weeks Before: Plan the promotions (November 16th)

The promotion should:

  • Highlight what you, as a business, do best. Some examples could be serve tastings of new menu items if you’re a restaurant, hand out your favorite new jewelry fashion item as a party favor if you’re a boutique, or offer discounted services to the first 25 attendees if you’re a chiropractor.
  • Utilize social media is a must! As we stated in a previous post, the utilization of your company’s website, Twitter and Facebook page to create a countdown, party hints or product discounts, is crucial. The more buzz, the better. Remember to also use the design you came up with on everything.
  • Idea: If you’re neighbors with other small businesses why not ask if they would be interested in creating a partnership that promotes the entire block/downtown with a similar theme or time frame.

1 Week Before: Begin prep work and keep the buzz going! (November 24th)

  • Begin to start collecting any ingredients or party supplies on your shopping list.
  • Make sure that you will have extra hands on deck on the day of the event. This could mean hiring extra employees or recruiting family and friends to help in setting up and managing.
  • Knock out any prep that can be completed ahead of time, such as assembling party favors, printing flyers or beginning to arrange your small business.
  • Continue your social media outreach.
    • Some great ways to keep the buzz alive would be to show snippets of you getting your small business ready for the big day!

1 Day Before: Finish prepping (November 29th)

  • Give the store a thorough cleaning.
  • Finalize the decorations and set the scene.
  • Confirm any deliveries from vendors and do a double check to make sure the employees who will work it are still available!

The Day of the Event (November 30th)

  • You pulled it off and now its time to Toast to the success of your party! And don’t forget to thank each guest who walks in the door for supporting you and Small Business Saturday.

We hope you enjoyed our “How to make your Small Business Saturday Event Memorable” series! These tips do not have to be used just for your Small Business Saturday Event, but can be crafted to be used through out the year to promoted your business too!

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