Singing the Blues – Future update to save Windows 8

Exciting news today from Microsoft for PC users. At an investors conference Tuesday, Microsoft has announced that it plans to provide an update to the Windows 8 operating system for FREE. This update will be available later this year, and has been codenamed: Blue. This will be Windows 8.1.

We will be keeping our fingers-crossed that this update will address many of the concerns our clients and other Windows users across the globe have been reporting. Taken aback by the “tablet-like” structure of this latest operating system (Windows 8.0), where common and expected features of Windows, such as the “Start Bar” were hidden, we truly hope Windows will be returning to a user interface that we can recognize and easily use.

Thrive Creative Group - A screenshot of the new IE10. It is important to update your Internet Explorer for web design and development standards!Sadly, the latest version of Internet Explore (IE10) is only available with the Windows 8 operating system. We hope Blue will encourage more PC users to upgrade their operating system so they will have access to Internet Explorer 10.

It is extremely important for us, from a web standpoint, that our clients use the latest browser technology. Having the latest browsers is important for web security, code compliance, and to ensure that we are moving ahead with the lighting-speed of our ever changing internet. We want to continue to create awesome websites using the latest and best features the web has to offer. We can only do that if our clients (and the rest of the world) are using the latest web browsers.

Stay tuned with Blue and the latest from Microsoft Windows 8 on their website:

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