8 Small Business Non-Paid Marketing Tips


It’s important to stick to the marketing budget and stick to the sales goals all at the same time when running your own business.

We know a new brand campaign, and new website can be a big investment. That is why we are always recommending to our hard-working, small business owners non-paid ways to still market themselves.

It’s important to always push out content and be the industry expert for your target audience. Here are some quick tips you can use for your non-paid marketing plan, and we can help implement them all!

  1. Blogs – Select topics after researching industry trending topics & keywords, these are meant to appeal to target audience. If you hear the same questions/comments from your clients over and over – let’s make a blog of it! This is great for SEO & to appear to be an industry expert! Send along any ideas you guys may have, and we will make it happen.
  2. Email Newsletter – Thrive can set up an email account (MailChimp, MyEmma, etc) and start working on a branded design template. Our initial thoughts on content:  3 current website blogs with ‘Read More’ buttons, a snippet from your About page, maybe a quote from you at the top of each newsletter, and a client testimonial.
  3. Social Media Fans – Thrive can write monthly social media plans for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn & Twitter.  Much like a social drip campaign, this will focus on content that appeals to your target audience (like Preds, live music, local restaurants, etc.).
  4. Press Release –  Be sure to knock these out quickly & timely on any company anniversaries, awards, new hires, achievements and submit it with a photo – always! Be sure to set up a Google alert so you know when & where it publishes.
  5. Company Fact Sheet – This is great for lead meeting follow-ups, leave behinds, mailers, and handouts at speaking events. It’s a great tool to keep you top of mind, even when you’re not in front of them.
  6. Reviews – Google will help the best since you need at least a 4-star rating to show up as ‘Best (Your Service Name here)’ – ask those 1-2 previous clients and their friends and family and your own to give you reviews weekly! Thrive can help write this request – since no one likes fishing for compliments (but we do it with class)!
  7. Social – Start sharing, commenting, liking, following, friend requesting anyone you know and that they know. Have your own team do the very same on any posts you push out. Commenting and sharing is key & free engagement!
  8. Photo Shoot – This does cost, but it’s an investment, not like throwing dollars at PPC for nothing. We have a Nashville photographer we recommend and can send a portfolio for your review first. Fresh new photos of the business, team members, swag, community, etc. to use for all your marketing needs!

We hope these will help you kick off your marketing efforts and save you money at the same time! Thanks for reading and if you need any help with non-paid marketing give Thrive Creative Group a call 931-221-4991 today!

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