Website presence for small business

Is your small business website well represented?

Say that 3 times fast! ha! Even if you can, I’m afraid the time has come to face the facts my fellow small business owners… it’s a digital world. It’s time to deal with it & do something about it. If your small business doesn’t have website, don’t panic, but do keep reading on how to get started now. The time has come! And if you do have a website that hasn’t been updated in a while, for heaven’s sake, spend some time doing so the minute you get finished reading this blog post!

A great custom built website for small business does not happen overnight. Give yourself and your web designer proper time to plan, research & discuss everything you need.

An online presence is critical if you intend to grow your business and attract more clients or keep your existing customer base.

Where do you start?  Branding.  You need to identify your core brand values.  It would be a good idea to invest in market research.  Who is your customer?  What age group or gender are you targeting?  Your brand needs to match these demographics.  If you cater to young teens, you wouldn’t want an outdated looking logo and web presence.  And on the other hand, if you’re target is older adults, don’t go hi-tech with your look.

Keep it simple.  Your website should be attractive and colorful but not cluttered with too much text or too many illustrations and flashy images.  Your home page should be eye-catching and easy to navigate to other pages that contain the information the customer is looking for.

A note about imagery.  Be careful of the images you use and make sure they visually represent your company and also make sure the images you use are not copyrighted.  Even if they are used on someone else’s page, they are still protected by copyright laws.

Update your website content. It’s hard to say what’s more important about web presence but one thing that you must get used to doing is regular updates to your website.  A good way to do this is blogging.  I know, I know, you don’t have time to blog every day or even every week but it’s important to keep your customer wanting to come back to your site and if you have interesting blogs that pertain to your customers needs, they’ll be more likely to keep coming back to your site.

Speaking of not having time to do all this website maintenance, this is where Thrive Creative Group, LLC comes in.  Let us help you in your quest to keep your business alive and thriving with our website maintenance services. At Thrive Creative Group, LLC, we can handle everything for your website presence from beginning design to end wordpress training.  We’ll even do your weekly blogging for your small business to keep that SEO ranking high on google.  Give us a call (931) 221-4991 and let’s talk.

Til’ next time… the Thrive team believes in you!

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