Why Google Adword Campaigns can help you Thrive!

Have you ever wondered what those highlighted links and texts on top and to the right of your Google searches were?

Even though they look just like regular websites, they are actually ads, Google Ads to be specific. There a form of advertising called Pay-Per-Click (PPC) and their the internets version of direct mail campaigns.

The age old way of direct mail campaigns, were created to help expose your business to as many people as possible, by sending out postcards, coupons, and the likes to physical addresses known as mailing lists.

The same concept can be used for Pay-Per-Click advertising as it can help expose your business to a whole new audience you never knew you had. You may be asking yourself, “Well how is that possible?” Hear are some facts about Google Ad-words to get you started on your PPC advertising journey:

    • Google Ad-words allows you to geo-target your ad-words campaign. This means you are able to target different areas of the country where your organization sells too, or if you are a national organization you can target the whole U.S if you like!
    • Ad-words also let you create specific keyword lists for different campaigns. It allows you to segment your products and services, which can help you reach potential customers and clients that are truly interested in what your company has to offer.
    • Google Ad-words can also help you target people searching on their smart-phones and mobile devices! When potential clientele are not by their computers, certain information might be more helpful to them like your store location or phone number. Google Ad-words can help extend your ad in mobile devices with call and location extensions to give customers the information they need to take action while they’re on-the-go.

While all of this information can be overwhelming, it’s a great starting point for any organization wanting to dive into PPC advertising. Don’t have time or want more information on how PPC can benefit your organization? Call us today and let our experts help your business grow, prosper, and THRIVE!

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