Why Should You Create a Content Calendar for Your Blog?

The new year is almost upon us (we can’t believe it either!), which means popular new year’s resolutions are also right around the corner! One of the things we always resolve to improve upon each year is our level of organization. Whether it’s your attic, your closet, or your work space, there is always something you can do to become just a bit more organized.

One great way to improve organization skills for your small business is to plan a content calendar for your WordPress blog!

Why should you as a super busy small business owner or entrepreneur take the time and effort to craft a content calendar for your brand’s blog? Allow us to drop you some knowledge…

1) Consistency. Consistency. Consistency. (See what we did there?)

All kidding aside, consistency is key for your audience. Pushing out a brand message with a common voice is important for your readers to pick up on the “youness” of your business’ message. (Yes, youness is a word…trust us, we are professionals.)  Consistently posting is imperative for your SEO. Creating a content calendar helps you to make a plan ahead of time to consistently post quality content for your audience. Simple as that!

2) No more writer’s block.

Okay, so to say that creating a content calendar will completely absolve any writer’s block you may have is a bit misleading. However, creating a content calendar for your WordPress blog will keep you from choosing a topic last-minute, or from blanking when the time comes to actually write. There are may phrases that somewhat sum up the importance of this practice: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” – “Better safe than sorry.” – “Plan your blog topics so that you do not go into freak-out mode.” We may or may not have made that last one up, but it’s still true.  

3) You become psychic.

Psych! (Remember when people used to say “psych” back in the 90s? Good times.) While creating a content calendar for your blog won’t exactly make you psychic, it will allow you to somewhat see into the future for the online direction of your brand. What target audience would you like to reach online? What is the message that you want to portray? What goals would you like to achieve with your blog? Planning a content calendar can help you ensure that the material presented in your WordPress blog is helping your small business move in the right direction.

Are you interested in blogging for your small business but don’t know where to start? Maybe you know what topics sound like your brand, but the thought of researching SEO keywords sounds boring? Or, like many entrepreneurs, maybe you are so busy running other aspects of your business that you simply don’t have the time!

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Source: Flywheel