Website tracking, better known as “Analytics”
can help you know what is actually
going on with your website.

Having an Analytic Toolbox connected to your website can be super helpful in reading exactly what your users are doing when they come to your site, as well and help you monitor and analyze your web traffic. Some of the best benefits to monitoring your website’s activity are the stats that you need to know so you can buy the right keywords, target your best markets, and engage and convert more customers.

Google Analytics by Thrive


Analytics Software Packages

Real-time tracking with graphical and intuitive reporting features. Google Analytics is the best of the free software out there! There are other full-featured analytics package that includes click path analysis, campaign tracking, and complete traffic monitoring.

Web Traffic Visualization

Heat maps with real-time visitor data to help you optimize your link and ad placement and enhance your site’s stickiness.

Market Research Data and Site Rankings

Measuring your audience helps you understand your customers through detailed user demographics, lifestyle and interest affinities, and audience insights at the campaign, site and conversion level. The goal is to drive better planning decisions and media efficiency.