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Digital marketing and advertising make it easy to track and tweaks online ads for better performance. Our team at Thrive knows a thing or two about digital marketing and online advertising campaigns and have put together some tips and tricks to follow taking the digital route.

The benefits of digital advertising seem endless, so how can a business make sure you’re maximizing performance and increasing ROI?

thrive-clarksville-tennessee-digital-marketing-in-2021-small-businessCall to Action

  • Make your call to action (CTA) clear and compelling.
  • This tells your audience what the next step is and directs them to your website.
  • Examples of a call to action are “Sign-up Now,” “Book Now,” “Schedule a Service,” etc.
  • Avoid generic language such as “Read More” or “Learn More.”
  • Adding a CTA button can improve your ad performance and result in higher conversions.

Imagery Matters

  • Using high-quality images that tell what the ad promotes is essential for a successful digital campaign.
  • Focus on images that are bold, clean, and compelling that will stand out.
    • This is especially important for new users to capture their attention and remember your brand.
  • Thrive’s design team can help create high-quality images for your business’s digital campaign.

Use a Compelling Message

  • You don’t have a ton of copy space or time to capture your user’s attention; therefore, your message must be expressed clearly.
  • On many digital ad campaigns, ad copy length matters. Plus, it can directly impact a healthy click-through rate (CTR)
  • SmartBrief recommends 40 characters for your headline and 250 for the copy.
  • Make the most of your space available. 
  • Stick to messaging that encourages a call to action or incentivizes your user’s experience.

Keep it Fresh

  • Refresh your content frequently, so it doesn’t go stale.
  • Audience performance can drop 10 to 20% if your users continue to see the same ad.
  • Try rotating a few different creative versions and track their performance to stay aware of your best-performing ads.

The Thrive team works collectively to ensure our small business client’s digital marketing and advertising campaigns are fresh, straightforward, and successful. Need help getting started with digital marketing and advertising campaigns for your small business? Let us help! Contact us today by filling out our project questionnaire.

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