How to increase visitors to your new website

So now that you’ve worked so hard on all that content, and had that beautiful photo shoot of the office staff, and spent a few hours with your best web designer; it’s now time to make sure your visitors that are coming to you new website are sticking around and loving what they see and ultimately calling on your small business and your services!

Tip #1 – Make sure your message is clear.
The first few seconds someone is on your site, they need to be able to tell within 4-7 seconds exactly what your call to action is suppose to be. It needs to be completely clear, easy to find, and read.

Tip #2 – Be great in what your saying.
Blog great & relevant content about your brand & your services. It’s not about just throwing something on there in the game of SEO – your search engine optimization needs to be spot on, well written & targeted to your audience.

Tip #3 – Add graphics.
Really try to have images, buttons, infographics, nice icons & other elements that are a part of your specific brand and appeal to your target audience. Keep it simple and clean, engage the user with great images & design to draw them into your website.

Tip #4 Less is more.
With the above mentioned tips you must still keep your website homepage design simple, clean & uncluttered. It’s a valuable landing page that must be designed to effectively attract your visitors and not confuse them. Too much clutter & rotating banners will lose your visitors every time.

Tip #5 Measure the changes.
Make sure you are looking at your Google analytics and page views, and when you make these changes, test & monitor what’s working, what’s getting more response, or none at all. It’s all about helping your users find you, and making sure your brand is easy to read and understand in order to generate that lead.

Try these tips mentioned above on your new website & let us know how well it worked by contacting Thrive’s team over on our contact page here…

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