A well designed contact page is important

When you are working with a designer & web developer on your new small business website design, it’s very important to not forget about the last page on your list, and that’s the contact page. It’s a very popular page inside your website that most people take for granted. It’s important to make sure the page is well designed, easy to ready, as well as has multiple ways to be contacted. In thinking of the Myers Briggs personalty types, it will help you understand your users needs and how to reach them. I’ve listed the key elements that belong on a well designed & developed contact page for your website.

1. Short intro paragraph for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

2. Contact Form that’s short & sweet, no more than 5 fields. You don’t want to scare them off by asking too much of them on the form!

3. Telephone number for a quick, mobile friendly link, making it easy for anyone to call when they need you right now!

4. Email address written out. For the straight and to the point tech savvy user that just wants to punch that link to open a new email to send & skip the form stuff.

5. Google map link & image to help folks that simply just need directions.

There are many additional elements that you can add to your contact page to help gain customer feedback and insight, which will assist you in better marketing your small business. The main idea is not to miss out on a great opportunity to give your clients everything they need or might be looking for on your website’s contact page. If you need more help, hey… contact Thrive Creative Group! 🙂

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