Your homemade website needs help

Having a poorly designed & developed website can be extremely hurtful for your small business. Because we know mobile users are rapidly growing, especially in a local market, from their phones searching on their mobile devices. It’s important when they reach your website that it’s the best web design in town. Users see your small business’  website as a direct reflection of your brick and mortar. So here’s a few quick ways you can update your website today that will help.

Make your pages a simple layout with a headline, sub-headline and end with a few bullet points and contact information. Don’t feel like you have to cram everything you ever want to say all on the main homepage.

If your content is still referencing 2010, or hasn’t had any content changes in the past year, then rewrite your content. Old, stagnant website content isn’t doing anyone any good. Google estimates that is crawls the internet every 30-90 days, so it’s best to add to your site at a minimum of once a month month, that way new relevant content about your brand is present.

If your content, pages, images and services are trying to appeal to everyone, all the time, you will never be found online. You need to focus on your target audience, customize your content to them, and emphasize on your niche. Being too broad and trying to be the jack of all trade, truly will make you the master of none.

Here’s hoping these small changes to your homemade website will really help increase traffic, generate leads, and your overall reach! Don’t give up and work hard at it every day. If you need our help, call us at 931-221-4991, or send us an email to  

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