Improve Your SEO

In order to stay ahead of your competition – be sure to make the best
of your digital marketing efforts and search engine optimization!

Every businesses first priority needs to be to develop an astounding keyword list to use for SEO. So, we recommend doing things the smart way and doing proper keyword research first in order to find out the best topics that your business should write or blog about!

Sure you can find lots of great guides and tips on how to do effective keyword research,
but we thought we would just share a few quick and effective tips with you.

    1. Create a start-up list of terms
    2. Expand this list by using research tools
    3. Refine your list with competitive research in the following categories:

In order to get started, you must know your audience, know your competition, and not be afraid to dig in and do a little keyword research. Once you have an optimal list of keywords make sure they are in these places on your website:

If you need assistance with improving your SEO, Thrive is here for you! We understand that this takes time, energy, and knowledge; however, web content management is one of the many services we offer our clients to improve their web presence.

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