It’s Not About You

Many business owners find the “About ” page of their website difficult to write. This is unfortunate, as this page isn’t really about your business at all.


That’s right, your About Us page is not about you…it’s about your customer.


The About page is where potential customers go to gather critical information about your business in order to decide if the product or service you offer will truly benefit them. With this perspective in mind, keep reading for tips on how to make your business’s About Us page content really shine.


1.    Who are you?

Let’s not overcomplicate things here. An About page is basically a written introduction. Sometimes it’s helpful to think of your About Us page as a face-to-face conversation. What would you say when meeting a new contact for the first time? You would likely start with something as simple as your name. Take on the same mindset when writing content for your About page. Items like your business name, a brief history, and any key players should not be neglected simply because they are the basics.


2.    What do you do?

The About page is no place for modesty. Potential customers will be reading to discover what you do and if you do it well. What benefit does your business offer the reader? Keep it short, sweet and honest, but don’t be afraid to brag a little.


3.    What are you like?

In addition to highlighting the basics above, your About Us page is the perfect place to have some fun. By demonstrating a little personality, About pages allow readers to connect with your business on a real-life level, making the business behind the screen feel more relatable and inviting. In fact, every good About Us page example will also include photos (think photos of you, staff in action, your building, etc.). Adding a face to the business makes your About Us page feel more like what you are—awesome people looking to do business with other awesome people!


There you have it, a few simple tips for writing concise and complete About Us page content. Looking to update your About Us page? Contact Thrive Creative Group at 931-221-4991 and we would be happy to consult with you!

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