Our boss believes in content marketing & we think yours should too!

If you are reading this blog, then you are already seeing first hand how important content marketing can be to a business.

Here at Thrive, we are always preaching to clients, “Invest in yourself!”This may sound like a message you would hear at a motivational retreat on some exotic island (we wish we were writing this blog from a location like that…), but we mean it!

There is REAL value in investing marketing dollars into your business’ own channels: your website, your social platforms…your content!


Are you planning to make the push with your management team that quality content is worth a fair share of the company budget? We believe in you! Take a look at these quick tips before your face to face & go get the content support that your business deserves!



1) Make the case for content

Before approaching your boss with this topic, remember to:


2) Make content an important part of the team

Any good athlete knows that to keep your spot on the team, you have to prove that your position is valuable. Show your boss how content can align with company goals like:


3) Expect push-back

Whether it’s, “We’re not interesting enough” or, “We don’t have time for this” you are likely to have some resistance from anyone who is unfamiliar with the value and need for content marketing. The best plan of action in this case is:


Interested in learning more about content marketing for your small business? Are you the boss and you already know content marketing is something with which you need help? Give us a call at Thrive Creative Group right here in Clarksville, TN!  If phone calls are not convenient, you can also contact us online. We are so glad that the content in this blog attracted you to our site & would love to tell you more about the other services we offer. Learn more about making the professionals at Thrive a Dedicated Resource for your business today!
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