Roses are Red, Violets are…

Thrive Creative Group - example of using Adobe's Kuler AppThere is no decision more important in the developing of your company branding and marketing campaigns then what colors you use. Color has a huge effect on the subconscious! Regardless of whether you are selecting colors for a new product, or choosing hues for an advertisement, it is important to recognize the importance of how we instinctively associate different colors with different entities.

A great example of this is the use of bright red for Examples of red in logo designs - McDonalds, Burger King, Wendy's, and KFCrestaurants, which is psychologically proven to have an effect on the viewer. Red is said to instantly attract attention! It also makes people feel excited, energetic, and can even increases the heart rate. Most important through are the qualities of red that can increase appetite.

While bright red may not be the right color for you and your business, Adobe has recently released a helpful web-based tool to assist in color picking. The app is called Kuler and is now available for download from the App store.

If you would rather not download the App, you can also use this tool directly from the Kuler website. The process of getting unique and interesting color pallets is as easy as:

  1. Point the app at your color inspiration of choice, and
  2. Shoot the image by clicking the check-mark button at the bottom of the screen.

┬áLet’s see what exciting colors you can come up with!

Ready to put your exciting new colors to work for you? Let Thrive Creative Group help! We have lots of color experience and marketing ideas for your next advertising campaign. Call Thrive Creative Group at (931) 221-4991 or shoot us a message on our handy dandy contact form!

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