Series 1 of 3 on Social Media – Effective Facebook Posts

We’re often asked specific questions related to social media. Questions like, “What’s the best way to get involved in social media?”

“Should I be doing contests?” “How do I know what to post?” “What do I really need to be doing?” The best way to answer that, we thought, was for us to address those in a down-and-dirty, quick-read blog that is by no means exhaustive but should provide a good overview in knowing how to run your social media channels.

First up: Effective Facebook Posts

What can you do to make sure your status updates are not only being read but are engaging those who read them? Five easy tips:

1)    K.I.S.S. You’ve heard this acronym a thousand times in your life, applied to a thousand different scenarios. “Keep It Simple, Stupid.” The same applies to what you post on Facebook. People scan these days; they don’t read. According to Buddy Media, a good rule of thumb is to use 80 or fewer words (that’s less than Twitter!). That helps the readability for those looking at Facebook on mobile devices (which is almost surpassing those who look at it on a computer). People generally don’t scroll or click “Read more” to get to the rest of your message.

2)    Keep the content personal and conversational. You may be talking to the masses, but you’re talking to the masses one person at a time. You wouldn’t address your best friend or Aunt Pam with formal language. Don’t do that with your Facebook audience, either. Keep it friendly and relaxed.

3)    Ask questions. This allows your community of followers to engage with you by giving advice, their opinions and their ideas. They are “allowed” to weigh in, so to speak, and feel like they have a part in your brand and in your business.

4)    Use eye-catching photos with your updates. You don’t have to use photos with every update, but when you do, make sure they’re really visual. If you don’t want to look at it, no one else will, either. Posts with photos get more visibility in Facebook news feeds. Make sure you reduce it in size for folks looking at it on mobile devices.

5)    Respond. This is a community. A multiple-way community. If people ask you a question, answer them. If they want something, try to give it to them (within reason, of course). If they comment on your wall, comment back. The point is to interact and let people see that you’re alive and listening.

Next week look for Series 2 0f 3 on Social Media –  What to Tweet Right Now

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