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We know it’s a daunting task to juggle day to day tasks while running your small business. Some days just getting through emails really can be a champion task! So since time is a wasting we’ll run down a few quick tips on keeping your small business blog looking great with fresh topics, current trends & even a few freebies!

5 Quick Small Business Blogging Tips:

  1. Make a list of topics. This isn’t nearly as hard as it looks! You might not realize it, but the very answers you tell your clients & customers to their everyday questions are perfect topics! So just try to spend the day writing down each question you are asked, each customer support email you send, and that next time to tell people about your newest product. You’d really be surprised at how much awesome knowledge you shout out daily that would be great blog ideas!
  2. Make a schedule of posting. It really helps if you hold yourself accountable and blog on a schedule. Don’t feel pressured to blog everyday, start out easy and try once a month, then every other week, slowly moving into once a week. Take that list of topics you made from above and pick out just four of them and write them up all in one setting. Then using the beauty of your custom wordpress powered blog, schedule them over the next few weeks and “Ta-da!” you’re all done!
  3. Make is short & sweet. Folks don’t have a lot of time to read lots, just like you don’t have time to write lots. Start out 500 words, and work your way up. Chances are you’ll have more to write than you think! In that case break it up in series and keep’em coming back for more. A nice intro, short list, and wrap it up with a great way to contact you. Then you’re all set!
  4. Make your blog full of SEO. What’s that? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization! Google is arguably the most popular search engine, and to help your local small business show up you really need to be blogging! Using keywords that target your audience, feature products & have a few links out to social media can really do wonders to generate leads for your company! Here’s a handy link for google’s keyword tool to help you!
  5. Make it look great! If your awesome blog, that’s full of keywords, that you post weekly, on a great industry topic (meaning you did all the tips from the above mentioned) it still won’t help if you have an ugly site – or a website that doesn’t work on an iPad, or IE10. Bad design, hard to use website navigation, and even worse… not a responsive mobile website that’s easy to read on a smartphone… then nobody is going to read that great blog.You can really miss out if the design and functionality of your small business website is bad. Just plain and simple. You can start out by considering your customers and what they see daily in terms of media and advertising. The best sites viewed daily are sites like CNN, USA Today, Facebook & online shopping such as Pottery Barn, Volvo. Today’s consumers expect good design everywhere & your business website needs to look great, and it’s just as important as your storefront. Keep if spiffy!

We could go on for ever with tips, but we know you need to run along & get back to those customers! So keep up the good work small business owners & thrive! If you need our help give us shout at 931-221-4991, email us, tweet or fill out our contact form.

Til’ next time!

Lorilee, Chief Creative Problem Solver
Thrive Creative Group, LLC

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