Tips for Shooting Video on Mobile Devices from Megan

We know the thought of making your own video for your small business can be scary, but we promise it doesn’t have to be!

Megan Wren of Thrive Creative Group Marketing TeamHere’s our very best tips, advice and guide to help you when you are ready to create a social video. To make a great one just read these 7 tips below our Marketing expert Megan Wren shares with our clients on the reg! She knows her stuff about marketing for small business & now you do to too!


    1. Plan the Story – Shoot the Story

      a. Determine beginning, middle & end of story.
      b. Determine setting
      c. Write a script – Consider thoughtful, emotional message that viewers will connect with
      d. If applicable to topic, make sure viewers know who you are, what you do, and how you can help them

    2. Keep Camera Steady

      a. Invest in tripod
      i. Small mobile phone – 3C Smart Octopus
      ii. Larger mobile phone – GorillaPod
      iii. More fancy option – Mount on iOgrapher

    3. Clear Audio

      a. Invest in internal mic
      b. Invest in external mic
      i. Rode SmartLav+
      ii. Mighty Mic

    4. No Zoom

      Digital zoom can cause blurry video
      Avoid zoom by moving closer to person or object

    5. Lighting is Key

      Choose a brightly lit setting
      Auto Exposure on mobile phones is often slow to adjust when changing scenes
      Avoid backlighting – find natural lighting if possible, but have actor face that lighting
      Avoid direct overhead lighting

    6. Shoot for Intended Platform

      Horizontal is best practice

    7. Consider subtitles or on-screen text

      You will need to create a SRT file
      Example instructions on how to add to social here

    8. Use an editing app to trim your video.

      For all those bloopers, extra ums, and hiccups you need to remove we recommend using iMovie, and even YouTube has a video editor. But if you’re needing something with more power, we like Adobe Premiere Elements, and Final Cut Pro X. You want a professional looking video so don’t forget that means you need to edit!


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