Why You Should be Using Schema 

What is Schema, and how will adding it to your website help drive results? Thrive Creative Group breaks down all you need to know about the benefits of Schema


Schema helps search engines understand the content present on a page. It’s a structured data vocabulary that helps search engines understand if there is a survey, list, or image, helping bring up the relevant search results. These visible and prominent results are called ‘rich results’ powered by Schema. 

Drives Organic Click-Through Rates

  • An increase in CTRs can result from an extensive rich snippet due to schema. 
  • Click-through rates, time on site, and bounce rates are factors to judge your SEO.

Provides Extensive Rich Snippets

  • Using snippets and images makes your page look more engaging and informative.
  • Structure data helps display the exact information you want users to see on your pages’ rich snippets, which will help you boost your SEO and generate more traffic to your website.

Helps in Local Business

  • With the help of Schema and structured data, you can display your logo, contact numbers, customer service information, social media accounts, and blogs. 
  • It also helps search engines understand what your business offers to differentiate you from others.

Helps Promote Sales/Events

  • Implementing structured data for local queries like “restaurants near me” or “events near me” can help your website pop up in search results with information about your location, hours, and contact information.

Schema Boosts Your Website SEO

  • Schema is one of the best indirect practices that can help rank your website. It helps to index your website and understand your content for better ranking.

In short, now is a good time to start using Schema on your website. Need help with your SEO strategy or building a responsive website to begin getting started with SEO? Contact us today by filling out our project questionnaire!

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