Your WordPress Site can Improve your SEO

If you didn’t know already, WordPress has a pretty amazing reputation. It has been touted as the most user-friendly AND SEO friendly CMS in the world.

These are just a couple of reasons why this platform is the only one we use here at Thrive Creative Group.

Check out these tips to improve your WordPress site and step up your SEO game for your business!


1) It really is okay to be high maintenance.

Maintaining your WordPress site is so important. We’re talking make sure you get the laundry from the washer and into the dryer before mildew sets in important…but on a much larger scale. Backing up your site consistently and making sure things like its database are properly optimized can save you from TERRIBLE heartache down the road.

Optimizing your site’s database will also help to keep it from bulking up. Did you know WordPress saves every single revision you make to your site’s content? This is helpful, but can also eventually overwhelm your site. To remedy this problem, check out this handy tool: WP-Optimize.

If the DIY version of website maintenance sounds unappealing, never fear; Thrive offers Website Maintenance Packages to fit a variety of needs. In fact, we love making sure sites are running smoothly. Contact us here to learn more about them!


2) Everyone appreciates flexibility.

Let’s face it, no one likes change, but it’s super important! Don’t worry, we are not diving into philosophical waters here…we really just want to make sure you know that flexibility provided by a dynamic sitemap.xml is good for the soul, and for the health of your website. Many sites do have a sitemap.xml installed, BUT does yours update automatically each and every time you add content? If not, check out a tool like Google XML Sitemaps. It might just change your life!

3) A little paranoia never hurt anyone.

Ever feel like someone is watching you online? In this day and age, the threat of hackers is all too real. For this reason, protecting your site is pivotally important. This is especially true when it comes to safeguarding your online forms with CAPTCHA! In fact, did you know that an unsecured form leaves itself vulnerable to hundreds of spam comments every day? Avoid unnecessary stress by making sure something like Really Simple CAPTCHA is there to protect your forms.


These are just a few awesome tools you can use improve your WordPress site’s security and your SEO at the same time! Remember, a well maintained site is a happy site. A happy site leads to happier users, which could lead to more customers for your small business! Interested in learning more about your own custom WordPress website or website maintenance options? Give us a shout at Thrive Creative Group in Clarksville, TN today!


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