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Web Design Trends in 2019

Websites nowadays are a standard part of a business’s online identity.

They have a leg up on social media since a company website is a dedicated, uncluttered space where potential and existing customers can interact with the brand and its products. Whether you’re promoting a brand on a social platform, via email marketing, or using SEO strategies, your official website will serve as a central touchpoint that brings all of these different channels together and more.

Think of a website as the face of an organization. Social psychologists discovered that we humans form first impressions based on “thin slices.” Microdata such as the slightest split-second scowl, the wrinkling of the corner of someone’s eyes and lips, and whether they furrow their brow can result in some lasting judgments being formed and all within a short amount of time. In fact, in one particular study, participants were able to tell whether a person was a Democrat or a Republican with just a glance. Mind-blowing, right?

So how does “thin-slicing” relate to web design? Site visitors use the same automatic mental processes to evaluate not only your website, but also your overall brand. Within seconds of loading, they already have an idea formed as to what kind of values your brand has purely based on the look of your website and their experience on it. In fact, DesignAdvisor finds that 48% of users judge credibility based on web design alone.

The colors and features used, the way content and buttons are organized, and the feelings evoked by graphic elements all contribute to that final verdict. Heck, even how quickly or slowly everything loads is subject to positive or negative judgments about how much your business values its customers and their experiences.

The technical aspect of website building is already riddled with complicated tasks. Web designers, together with developers have to consider more than what meets the eye since it’s also about the overall smoothness of user experience on the site. Considering the significant resources that go into creating and maintaining the perfect website, it isn’t a project that anyone should take lightly.

To help you find clear creative and technical direction, we’ve gathered information on what consumers like and what aspects of a website should require more focus and care. The infographic below includes statistics and data on the latest trends so read on, and let us help you find your way.



Infographic URL: https://designadvisor.net/blog/web-design-trends/

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