Keep Your Team Productive

Keeping Your Small Business Team Productive While Enjoying the Holidays

Taking time off during the holidays should be a time for rest and relaxation. But not if you’re worried about how much needs to be done when you get back to work.

Productive Team

To avoid burnout at your workplace, you need to learn to hold your job at arm’s length.

Learn to take care of yourself first by relaxing and enjoying your time away from work.

First, you need to get things in order at home. 

  • Need groceries? Go stock up during office hours.
  • Need your prescription refilled? Do it during your lunch hour.
  • Need to clean your house? Make time to do it BEFORE the holidays.
  • If you do these menial tasks before you go on break, you’ll be able to enjoy your time off without having to worry about them.

While you’re on break

  • Make time for low-energy activities like

    • Reading a book.
    • Streaming the latest TV shows.
    • Take a hike or any exercise that will get you moving and focus on your surroundings, not the office work.
    • Relax to lower your blood pressure, improving digestion, and other health benefits.
    • Limit your computer time and put your phone in another room.
  • Make some new traditions
    • Take a bubble bath with lit candles, incense, and music.
    • Take a few minutes each day to talk to your significant other or your children.
    • Ask them what they want to do over the next week or two.
    • Listen to them.

The worst thing you can do for your small business and employees is suffer from burnout. It’s contagious. The winter holidays are tough enough on your mental health. Help it out by letting go, relaxing, and getting into a better mindset. Your employees will appreciate it, and your business productivity will show it.

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