2015: Reviewing the past year

Our marketing team can hardly fathom how fast this year has flown by!

It has been a great year with many new & exciting advancements in the online marketing realm.

We want to take some time in this busy holiday season to share a few highlights from the past year, and we’ve even included some predictions for the year ahead as well!  

Takeaways and Highlights from the past year:

  1. Video content is hot (in any format)
  2. Visual content drives traffic
  3. Consistency is more important than frequency
  4. Organic reach is alive & well on Facebook
  5. Pinterest is (can be) the new Google
  6. It’s important to post like a fan, not a marketer

Source: Social Media Examiner

Statistics about social media users in 2015:

  1. Half of the world population uses the internet
  2. 30% of the world uses Social Media
  3. Social Media use rose by over 176 million people
  4. 6 new Facebook profiles were created every second
  5. 1 million mobile social accounts are added every day

Source: Social Media Today 

Social Media Predictions – The Short List:

  1. Instagram will take off
  2. Search will expand beyond search engines
  3. Targeting your customers will be all the rage
  4. Mobile payments will skyrocket
  5. Webrooming will become as important as showrooming
  6. Live Broadcasting (Periscope, Facebook Live) will expand

Source – LocalVox



Social Media has established itself as an effective and powerful marketing tool. Beyond being just a fad, social media remains an exciting and innovative way to reach customers. Not only can you reach a broad audience, but you can also specifically target the exact type of people you would like to talk to.

At Thrive Creative Group LLC  we love helping our clients create social media campaigns. We have the ability and knowledge to create a plan that will compliment and enhance the marketing plans for all kinds of businesses. To learn more, contact us today!  Remember, we are on a mission to make our clients Thrive in all things marketing!

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