Facebook Search is Changing

Now that Facebook is searchable, it’s more important than ever to make your Facebook content searchable as well.

The search engine on Facebook is going to start functioning a lot more like Google.  With a new search engine being rolled out across Facebook platforms, the phrasing of your content is increasingly important!  Facebook search will now be using Search Engine Optimization to find and organize the information as people search for specific topics.  Unlike Google, Facebook will be searching for information from all 2 trillion Facebook posts in existence.

What does that mean for small businesses?  It means that optimizing SEO is now key for Facebook posts.  To capitalize on Facebook’s updated search functions, this means the emphasis of  your posts should be on the SEO, this will create searchable social content.  A few ways achieve this are:

  • Adding Keywords – These are words and phrases that are commonly searched for when someone is looking for your business.  Keywords are intended to act as shortcuts that sum up an entire page.
  • Avoid Clickbait Clickbait might play well momentarily on social media, however, it’s not well-positioned for search.  These attention-grabbing headlines are used to lure readers into clicking on content.  They do this by being vague about what is included in the content. However, vagueness won’t make your posts show up in the new Facebook search.
  • Use Specifics – If you are planning to post an article about Michael Jordan donating 1,000 basketballs to your specific charity, you need to include that content in the text of the post itself.  You want to show up in searches for: Michael Jordan, basketballs, donations, charity, and more.  If you don’t include these words, the search engine won’t be able to find them.  The search engine will not search the links, only the content you add.

Currently, this will only affect your Facebook searches, but eventually the overall impact will be much greater.  Looking forward to 2016, SEO for the entire internet will continue to change and evolve.  Google and other search engines are working to incorporate social media posts in new ways. For example, Twitter tweets are now embedded in certain search results. Posting on social media will continue to improve search visibility for your company and website.  

At Thrive Creative Group our Social Media Management team specializes in optimizing your business’s reach, as well as helping you present a complete brand across social media.  By creating, building, and posting to various online marketing platforms, we can help your small business thrive! For help with your social media planning and marketing, contact us at Thrive Creative Group by calling 931-221-4991 or emailing us at . We would love to partner with you on running your social media marketing plan!

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