2016 Marketing: What Can You Expect?

There is no rule book when it comes to marketing.  

Every year, the world of marketing changes. Companies are consistently looking for ways to reach new audiences, target specific groups of people, and grow their online presence.  Looking forward, there are new trends to put into action and some dependable techniques that will continue to be reliable.

  • Online Searches Will Go Beyond Search Engines

Google is no longer the only way to search the web for relevant content. With Facebook already working on tests for its own search engine (have you noticed yet?), it seems inevitable that search capabilities will go far beyond Google, Bing, and Yahoo. One perk of this is that brand visibility will get an automatic boost thanks to other search content. Meaning that if you have a Facebook page, you will be more likely to appear toward the top of search results.

  • Social Advertising Is Becoming More Prominent

More and more companies are using social media ads, in addition to Google ads, to promote their products. It’s safe to say that in the next few years, news feeds will be dominated by ads and businesses will spend more money on them. Social platforms are working hard to make advertisements not look like ads, but rather another post that is added seamlessly to a news feed. It’s also expected that social media platforms will allow more advertising functions, including automated ads and pop-ups.

  • Social Platforms: Will they make it?

The big three of social media—Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter—continue to be the most prominent platforms for businesses. Therefore, they have the biggest amounts of money at their disposal. New or smaller platforms will likely keep appearing through the new year. New platforms will either become popular enough to stay in the game or get acquired by a bigger business looking for innovation.

  • Triumphant Online Content

Content has been king for years now and it will remain that way. Social media has always been all about sharing the content of other websites. In 2016, that will change. Social media platforms will begin to create their own content.

LinkedIn was the first to create content and is an excellent example. It will soon be joined by the roll out of Facebook Instant Articles and other, even more sophisticated solutions for the publication of unique content on social media.

Marketing your business in this ever-changing world doesn’t have to be intimidating. At Thrive Creative Group LLC we pride ourselves on staying ahead of the marketing curve. If you are feeling lost or overwhelmed about which direction to go, contact us. We have the knowledge and capability to help you with a marketing plan customized to the needs of your business. We are ready to help your business Thrive!

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