What hardware do small businesses need to keep on hand?

Small businesses need to be prepared with a few necessities.

When running a small business, there are many advantages over working in a corporate environment. You can hire people that you enjoy working with and create a team that works well and functions to the best of its ability.  You have control over the content and the image of your brand. You can even set your own hours (if you will stick to them). However, one of the disadvantages is the lack of corporate supplies available at a moment’s notice.  

In order to function to the best of your ability, as well as keep emergencies at bay, there are a few office staples (not just staplers!) that you should have on hand.

Computer Monitors –   

Hundreds of articles have been written about the virtues of keeping a well organized work space. In today’s world, that extends to your computer monitor. Don’t force yourself to live in clutter. When you have multiple monitors for your computer,  you are able to spread out and give your projects the space they need. Why sit in a cubicle when you can give yourself the corner office? The added advantage of working from multiple monitors is peace of mind. If one  monitor happens to quit working, you won’t have to wait on a replacement.

Backup Drive –

When all of your work is done on a computer, you need to ensure that it is safe.  The only real way to protect all of your time and hard work is to back everything up. There are many options available:

  • Cloud DriveThe amount of space that you will need to use this professionally will exceed the free versions that most people use. The advantage is that your information is safe and accessible from anywhere no matter what computer you are using.
  • External USB DriveThese are perfect for a smaller operation (like one person). They are easy to store and portable if you need them on the go.
  • NAS (Network Attached Storage) – This is an external drive with a larger capacity that works well for larger businesses.  They are linked to a network, so more than one computer has access to the drive via Ethernet connection or WiFi.  Additionally, you can set these up with a web portal connection for employees and freelancers to work remotely.  

Extra Batteries and Power Cords –

We are always misplacing power cords for our laptop computers. Having a couple of extras and one dedicated to each room helps solve the problem of a missing cord! In addition to this, sometimes laptop batteries fail. Having one or two on hand will protect you in case one stops working. These are also nice to have while travelling in case of a power emergency. We keep a stash of batteries that fit our remote, mouse, and any other remote devices that we use as well.

Comfortable Chairs –

Your chair is where you spend the majority of time while you are working. Make sure you find something that is comfortable for you. This could mean sitting on an exercise ball, an ergonomic desk chair, or even a standing desk. The way you sit or stand can affect your health, energy, posture, and your attitude. Try things out, and if something isn’t working, don’t be afraid to try something new!

When it comes to our office, we think like the boy scouts, “Always be prepared!” Cutting down on distractions and minor annoyances will really help you optimize your work day and hopefully leave you more time to spend with your loved ones and friends outside of work. At Thrive Creative Group, we value the time of our employees and our customers. Having these simple things on hand keeps us working hard and helps us save time and energy to play later! For more Blogs on small business  and to learn more about Thrive, visit our website and let us help you Thrive!

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