Creating Creative Status Updates

Struggling with your status updates?

Do you ever sit down at your computer & find you suddenly have nothing to say?

Inspiration can be a fleeting thing, even when it comes to status updates on your social media platforms. It doesn’t have to be difficult.  There are some standard posts that you can use as an inspiration to get past that writer’s block!

  • Promote Your Business:  What do you sell?  What products do you offer?  Do you have a sale?  Is there something about your business that makes you unique?  Tell people about it!  Social Media is a great way to promote your business, just remember that it shouldn’t be your ONLY content!  The best way to judge how many promotional posts to schedule is by following the rule of 80/20.  Post 20% materials promoting your business and 80% other content to help establish the voice of your brand.
  • Your Own Content: The easiest and fastest sort of post you can create is a link to something that already exists.  You have a plethora of content that you have worked hard to create already.  Write a post and link to your website.  There is always content there that will be interesting and new to your audience!
  • Content From Others: If you are using the rule of 80/20 you’ll need content that’s not your own.  This is a great opportunity to establish your voice.  Although you may be hesitant to post content from other people’s sites, remember that your social media isn’t there just to help you.  Your social media is a reference and an aid to your customers.  If you read a blog that is relevant to your followers share it and keep your followers informed.  Your brand is your voice and vice versa.
  • Something To Share: Quotes relevant to your services, graphics that speak to your target audience, relevant videos, industry jokes…all of this makes Google love you and are helpful things your audience will no doubt love!  If you create relevant content, it will get re-shared.  The more people to share your content the more it drives traffic back to your page as well as to your website.  Creating great, shareable content will get your name out there, far beyond your own page.
  • Engage Your Followers:Getting people to engage with you on social media is a great way to build your audience. In order to  get a discussion going write a post in which you ask a question.  Make it something fun about your business or services that you offer. When you have topic relevant to your audience, people will want to participate  and share.  Make sure that you ask the question at the end of your post so it is clear you are asking for a response.  If you do,  people will want to answer!  Another great technique for engaging an audience is asking a trivia question relevant to your business.  People love creating fun answers and they love being right!  Just make sure you eventually answer the question, and follow through if you are giving a prize to the winner.

The main thing you want to consider when you are posting to your social media is the voice of your brand.  Post content that is in line with your products, your services, your audience, and your beliefs.  A women’s clothing boutique doesn’t only have to post about clothes; they should post about the lifestyle they are promoting with those clothes (makeup, jewelry, travel, entertaining.)  Remember social media is an extension of your brand and your company.  Represent yourselves well!


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