Small Business Branding: Build Your Strategy

How important is the “branding” aspect of marketing?

Branding is every bit as important as the product or service your company provides.

A consistent brand message is important to help you:

  • Remain customer-oriented
  • Appear professional, allowing customers to take you seriously
  • Remain relevant & effective

Branding builds strength, credibility and is the foundation you build in order to communicate everything you would like about the client & product or service offered by your company.


Should your business’ “ideal client” influence the branding process and marketing strategy?

Absolutely, building a brand image and message that resonates with your ideal client should be a major influence in developing your brand and marketing strategy. It’s one of the top factors you should take into consideration in your marketing strategy.  You must appeal to the customer you want, if you want to have the customers you need!


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