Small Business Branding: What’s the Big Deal?

How Important is small business branding?

The best companies are those whose brands are instantly recognizable and easy to remember.

Customers are less likely to use your small business if they can’t remember it. Your company’s brand identity will help them remember you, if it leaves a lasting impression. Your brand is your face, personality, and overall persona in the eyes of a customer. So how do you start? What is the branding process for a small business?

1. Research & Planning: It is important to first review your company history & mission. Once you have a good grasp of the overall feel of your business, you can start to research competitors.  This will help you understand the marketplace and establish some ideas that are consistent in your industry. Then, most importantly,  research current clients & their view of your company.  Are your findings something you wish to capitalize on, or would you like to change the way clients think about you?

2. Brand Building: The next step is building your brand.  Create a Visual Brief with typefaces, taglines, graphic elements, colors & textures that reflect your research findings.  This will establish your brand by creating consistency throughout all of your materials.

3. Brand Integration: Once you have created a Visual Brief and established the look you are going for, you can create marketing collateral (think business cards, letterhead, websites,  social media…). Maintaining consistent elements to communicate with customers will fully establish your brand.  Customers know what to expect when they encounter something from your brand and will instantly recognize your company based on what  you have created.

We’ll talk more on the branding aspect of marketing next month and hope to see you then! In the meantime, contact Thrive Creative Group for your small business brand & marketing needs.

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