Ever-changing Trends in Web Design

Graphic & Web design are industries that are constantly changing; whether its Implementing new tools or eliminating old trends, these changes can drastically enhance levels of creativity within creative in-house teams, and drastically improve clients ROI & user experience.

Every once in a while new tools, programs, and softwares are introduced that allow graphic and web designers to continue to learn, grow, and create uniquely designed elements to complement the needs of their clients. So what is “in” now, certainly won’t always be “in” the future and what clients demanded in the past, may not be liked today! Which only means that graphic & web designers must be in the know of the latest trends in the industry and evolve and adapt to change or they will struggle to please new clients.

Web designers & developers are an ever-changing profession where there is always something new and dare we say fun to learn! By staying current with the latest trends and styles, our designers can continue to keep our clients amazed with their personal and uniquely designed websites. Not sure if you have caught on yet, but web design is a field that is dynamic and has no intention of slowing down in the near future.

Here are just a few trends that are “in” right now and certainly being loved in web design:

1.  Responsive Websites – everyone wants an easy to use website for all mobile devices.

2. Minimalism – less is really more in design!

3. Typography – using the right web fonts is key.

4. Infinite Scrolling – you keep scrolling and the page keeps loading.

5. Bold Colors – bright colors get noticed and provide an aesthetically pleasing design.

6. Single Page – appreciated by many for smaller scaled websites.

7. Fixed Header – makes it easier for users to navigate your site.

Whether you are new business needing a brand new website or an existing business looking for a fresh new look, we would love to be apart of your unique and trendy web design!

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