Need consistency in your Social Media Marketing?

Thrive Creative Group wants you to know what it is and why your business needs social media content templates.

The dictionary defines a template as a tool for enforcing a standard layout and look and feel across multiple pages or within content regions. This applies to a social template too!

Thrive Creative Group Social Media Team Working In Conference Room

What this means for your business is consistency. Social media consistency is key in maintaining an active, engaging presence to help build and expand your digital footprint.

There are 3 elements you should keep in mind and where templates will help.

  • Develop consistent campaign details

Hopefully, when you started your company, you chose a brand with consistent color and font. It would be like seeing the Coca Cola logo in blue and in the dreaded comic sans font. Making a template for all your colors and font, and even your company description will help in keeping you recognized on all your social platforms.

  • Coordinate all marketing through templates

Make sure you have one “look” for your promotions. Whether you’re having a company event, putting out a survey or even newsletters and blogs, they all need to essentially “look” the same, as mentioned above, colors and font. And, they should have the same “voice”. If you have a favorite tag line, use it!

  • Templates help market across social posts, emails, and website

Your target audience will see you in different places. You should be using social consistency and your template to make sure you look the same on Facebook that you do on Twitter and Instagram. You might want to target different demographics but keep the “look” going even if you change the verbiage to appeal to different ages and lifestyles.

A template can help improve your social media marketing that keeps your messages consistent no matter what channels you use.

Thrive Creative Group spends each day partnering with businesses that have long term goals to grow. If you’re a new small business owner in need of a team to take the burden of marketing off your plate or even if you’ve been in business for years but are not keeping up with your competitors, let us help you with a year long marketing strategy that works.

At Thrive, we also do custom WordPress Website Development, Social Media Marketing, graphic design and most anything you’ll need to make your business Thrive. We have the right tools for your job. Contact us and let’s talk about Social Media Marketing.