Social Media Posts That Drive Engagement


Here are some simple tips that can cause spikes in “likes”.

Here at Thrive Creative Group, we create social media posts content, schedule the content, analyze each month’s analytics and send clients a report!

Social media posts planning and management


The most exciting part of the marketing teams job is reviewing what social media posts performed the best and why!?!? Our social media reports give awesome data about how many times our small business clients’ posts get engagement. It’s key to tracking the performance to know how and what is most successful for the small business’s future strategy.


Here are a few simple social media posts examples that have really helped our client’s social media engagement:

  1. If you’re an IT company –  post easy-to-read tips on how to protect yourself from virus meanies to get a lot of “clicks” or “hits”.
  2. If your company does service calls – post pictures and stories about your employee’s hobbies and interests. It makes it more personal and lets your customers get to know the person they’re working with. So share those favorite pets & new grandbabies!
  3. If you’re a local restaurant – post about new recipes is a good way to get your customer engaged in learning the goodness in your yummy menu. Be sure you add a photo of the finished dish as well!
  4. Have a new employee or has one of your employees been given an award or earned a certificate? Post a picture and congratulate them on your business page. Remember, pictures tell a story and sharing awards gains engagement when your customers post “Congratulations!”
  5. If you’re a doctor or dentist – your patients want to know the latest in healthcare and look to you as the expert. Keep your clients informed on social media about news in your industry and add a personal quote about the health benefits!

We can almost guarantee that when social media posts get a lot of views, it’s because they’ve piqued the reader’s interest by either an interesting photo that catches their eye or a custom topic that relates directly to them in your industry.

If you’re having trouble connecting to your customers, or just don’t simply have the time to spare, maybe you need Thrive Creative Group to take a look at your social media strategy. If you don’t have a strategy we’ll create a custom one for your small business! We can help boost your page engagements and your total reach. We have the right tools for your job. Contact us and let’s talk Social Media Marketing.